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Locally owned and operated
 We started just as two friends needing to get feed for our animals. As we traveled around together hauling back hay for the horses and other livestock we started bringing back extra for friends. We began to have several more requests for hay then we had ever planned. Suzette and I took trucks, mine was a 3500 Dodge and she took her F350 ford pulling trailers about every other week. As time went on we worked hard to finaly take the steps to invest in a semi truck and trailer. It was time to take this to a new level. We decided the next good value would to be able to carry grains but not just for us but for all the wonderful customers we have grown to have as the time went on. Our little farm store was able to expand to a store front and there we invested on a small tack inventory. As time has gone on we continue to grow and meet great new customers and become friends in the process..

About Us

 Our little helper little steven

Mario, broker and friend

Trucking you the best in feeds

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